Cultural Heritage in Europe

Cultural Heritage Europe initiatives on architectural heritage, conservation and restoration of cultural heritage.

The domain is a part of Romoe Conservators Network.
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Romoe Conservators Network

Welcome to Romoe: The International Conservators Network about heritage conservation and restoration, art and care of monuments.
With detailed information of restorers, conservators, history of art and cultural heritage, care of monuments and monument protection.

Regions and references

Arranged according to national and regional areas, you find informations here to documentations, theses (diploma) as well as specialized/special projects of conservators. Sorted by national and regional areas, here you will find information on documentation, diploma theses as well as technical / material projects of restorers

Conservation References by
Fields of Activity

Here you will find information on references sorted by subject areas, categories and specializations. e.g. Furniture restoration, restoration of wall painting

Directory & Search

With the detailed category and keyword search you will find suitable partners for future projects in the field of conservation / restoration. The directory gives you an overview of conservators / restorers with their fields of work, diploma theses and technical / material projects.
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